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"The 4-Step Framework To Mastering Animal Communication With Your Pet"


  • The top 3 mistakes EVERYBODY makes when communicating with their pet and WHY they are costing your confidence.
  • The SECRETS to opening up your communication channels with your pet
  • My 4 step framework for MASTERING animal communication with your pet so you can banish the guesswork of trying to interpret what they are saying to you

“Animal Communication has transformed my relationship with my pets and can do the same for you”

Hi! I’m Joanne.

I’m the author of Conversations with Companions, a wonderful collection of stories sharing the experiences of 12 intriguing and inspiring animal communicators.
I support both pet parents and animal communicators in harnessing the power of animal communication to nurture and grow connections founded on mutual understanding.
Through sharing my experience as an animal communicator, I help people cultivate and nurture connections so incredible relationships can flourish.
My expertise is in bringing pet parents and their pets together to a place of understanding by communicating with both parties (interspecies communication). Both beings in a relationship have a desire to feel understood and to express themselves. I translate for the pet as well as the human, supporting both parties to explore positive ways to progress towards a resolution.
My services are available as a guest speaker, teacher, mentor and communicator.

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