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Enrolment April and October 2022

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Do you ever feel like

  • You’re not getting it ‘right’?
  • You doubt yourself with what you’re seeing, feeling and hearing?
  • Your own assumptions might be leading your thoughts and interfering with communications?
  • You’re failing? If everyone can do it, why are YOU finding it so hard?
  • People think you’re faking it, or you’re an imposter?
  • You need cold, hard evidence to confirm you’re getting it right?

If any of the above resonates with you, then on your mission to solve your difficulties, you may have received advice to practise more, empty your mind, meditate more and ‘just trust.’

This stress adds to the blocks that are stopping you from discovering your own style of animal communication. 

Did you know your quest for external affirmation of whether you’re getting it right is the very thing standing in your way of open communication pathways that flow freely? 

I know how you feel

Just like you, I too experienced all the mental blocks and desires for validation that I was getting animal communication right. I compared myself to others and felt like a failure. So I followed the go-to advice to up my practice and meditate more. 

But meditation wasn’t working. 

So I turned to case studies to confirm that I was getting it all right, that I wasn’t making it all up. 

But I soon realised the reassurance from successful case studies didn’t last. As soon as I booked the next session, all the self-doubt came flooding back to the surface. 

So I searched for a Spirit Guide, hoping they would affirm whether I was getting my communications right or wrong!

And the Spirit Guide helped me, but not in the way I had expected. 

Still, there was no external being who could offer me the validation I so craved. 

So I did the very thing we all assumed would be the hardest way to learn. 

I began communicating and practising with my own pets.  

Where to find the evidence you crave

I believe that learning to communicate with your own pets is the most powerful way to build your competence and confidence in your animal communication skills.

When you work with other people’s pets, you have an enormous amount of pressure on your shoulders. 

  • You are working under a time frame dictated by the pet owner/ parent 
  • You are desperate to receive communication that will prove to the pet owner/ parent you’re authentic
  • You are trying to find answers to human-driven problems

You’ve likely been trained to seek someone else to validate your intuitive experience. 

Any one of these factors can block your creativity, patience and ability to communicate freely in a two-way conversation

Animal communication with your own pets

Your own pets likely brought you into animal communication in the first place. You have a deep desire to have two-way conversations with your beloved pets. 

It’s likely you have taken on the belief that  ‘you’re too close,’ ‘you know too much,’ or ‘your emotions are too strong.’

Do you know what you may be missing out on? 

When you work with your own pets, you remove all the pressures that are weighing you down. 

You feel free to get creative with your questions, take the time to let communication flow, and develop the skills to interpret what comes through for you. 

YOU get to validate your intuitive experiences. 

Embrace your natural abilities and watch them bloom

Welcome to The Deep Dive Membership

This unique membership invites you into a safe space to explore, play and get creative, free from the expectations of others. 

Set yourself free from the pressures of getting it right, proving yourself and seeking approval and instead develop self-belief, trust and confidence in your intuition. 

Together we will shift your perspectives of animal communication and unblock your communication channels so they can flow freely. 

You will learn to 

  • Trust in your abilities and be your own source of validation 
  • Let go of the search for WOW and allow the ordinary to become extraordinary
  • Accept the information that comes to you and creatively expand the conversation
  • Embrace the random and allow it to unfold naturally 
  • Adapt your questions so that the animals you work with can answer freely
  • Shift your perspective of needing to fix something and transform connections
  • Harness your own style and set it free to flourish

So that you can

  • Finally find the confidence and self belief within your own experiences 
  • Truly understand the language of animals and appreciate both ordinary and extraordinary communications 
  • Relax into allowing the animal to lead communications and marvel at the information they send you
  • Find value in the animal’s perspective and help their human appreciate the true transformation within
  • Become open and creative with questions so your conversations flow freely  
  • Shift perspective for BOTH animal and human so everyone benefits from the communication
  • Embrace your natural abilities and watch them bloom


Develop the courage to accept communications without feedback


Release your limiting beliefs and adapt to the animal in front of you


Unleash your creativity to unblock communication channels


Grow your confidence in finding value in every communication


Unite in a safe community where you can express yourself, play and explore

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"The Deep Dive program was the solution to all my problems. I was able to relax and learn to listen to my pets and connect to have meaningful communications with them. While learning to communicate with my own pets, I was able to communicate with other people's animals without really trying! It was amazing!!"

- Joan Batten

Step out of your head and into your heart

Overcome your limiting beliefs, and communication will flow freely

What’s inside


6 zoom group calls for year

Holistic Communications: We will explore the magnificent trio of the physical, emotional and spiritual. Discover how to bring these together to transform your communications. 

Role Reversals: The sharing of emotions can open up the most profound conversations. Discover how to work with your own emotions when communicating with your pets to reveal surprising connections.

Animal Led Conversations: Letting go of the human agenda and desire to fix is a powerful avenue to incredible insights. Together we will develop competency in the language of animals so you can confidently elaborate and expand on the information your pets share with you. 


Join live on Zoom or in the private Facebook group to ask me anything. Can’t attend live? Just send me your questions in advance and watch the replay at your leisure.   


Multiple monthly sessions to suit all time zones 

The opportunity to book a 20-minute 1-2-1 coaching session and get personalised guidance to fast track your progress. Streamed live into the group and recorded so everyone benefits from your coaching. 

Don’t fancy being in the spotlight? Watch and learn as others share their experiences. 


Get ready for your own pet to lead the conversation. This virtual event brings together members and their own pets for a unique experience. 

This event offers an unique opportunity to practise your back to back communication skills with the safety net of support. You get direct access to me in real-time via break-out rooms, so we can troubleshoot your blocks as they arise. 

Each member will nominate a pet who I will communicate with to find out what they’d like to discuss. 

Collectively each member will be invited to communicate and take notes of their experience in a safe space where we embrace the belief there is no right or wrong. 

Sharing your communications with other members is entirely voluntary. There is absolutely no pressure on you to do so. Embrace the experience for your own development within your own comfort zone. 



In this groundbreaking workshop, we will dissect 2 real-life animal led consultations together, giving you the rare opportunity to see how you can adapt your own communications. Discover how patience and creativity unlock amazing shifts in your conversations and take you beyond the obvious. 

6 month membership

£45/month (Total £270)

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12 month membership

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The door to free-flowing conversations awaits

I have stopped feeling bad about not reaching out for practice animals and feedback. 

I'm focusing on getting a feel for the connection and the way things come through for me without the pressure of being right or wrong. If I haven't practised as often as I intended to for the week I don't beat myself up. 

It's been a journey of getting to know my own signals and triggers, uncovering the things that have buried the animal communicator I know is in here.

What makes Joanne's teachings different from others you have experienced?

It's a totally different, and refreshing, approach.  I feel like Joanne is allowing me time to get to know myself and giving me a chance to evolve in a way and at a pace that's right for me.

Dayle Collins

Joanne has opened up a whole new experience for me through her animal communication programme that is impossible to express, in words, my gratitude.  


I have been aware for a long time that I can 'know' as well as receive visuals from my, and other people's animals. Yet I had no idea that they could use other senses to communicate with me and that I could receive them.  


More important, though, was discovering how very individual they are in their preferred senses other than the 'knowing'.  Such an eye-opener and so delightful a treat.  


And that is just two pets I have done the exercises with so far.  The rest are all saying "me next, me next," which makes me giggle from head to foot.  


Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul for your astute, caring and creative teaching.  


I will be doing the same with all my other animals now!  


Jeanni McBride Jones

Stop seeking verification from others and gain confidence with your own experiences