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I often hear many competent and gifted animal communicators tell me that they would love to step into a professional role and get paid for their services, but as quickly as they’ve thought of this, they also say “I don’t want the pressure”.

And I get it!

I too felt like that a few years back, even though I had good results offering help and guidance to pet parents as case study projects, and also when I gave my time freely to communicate with pets and was proven to be successful with the results.
Often these pet parents would comment about how much they valued my work and even asked if I would be starting a business in the future.

However I couldn’t shake off the feeling that charging for my services would bring to me a heavy sense of responsibility and receiving payment would only add to the pressure that I had to “get it right”. I knew it wasn’t logical but I didn’t know how to overcome this.

And in time I realised that when you hold onto deep seated beliefs you’re not aware of, they create a sense of pressure, and are all born from fear.

Such as:
Not being good enough - what if you can’t deliver the outcome that your client was expecting
The Imposter Syndrome - what if you get a bad review
Getting it wrong - what if your client doesn’t agree or relate to the information you relay

Having understood where these fears come from, I want to share with you the strategies that will leave you experiencing a high level of fulfilment and enjoyment working as a professional. Whilst at the same time creating a healthy income that meets your personal goals!

As a paid professional animal communicator you will learn to fully embrace your ability, knowledge and experience so that you can help more pet parents to understand what their pets want to tell them.


  • Effectively release the fears that are holding you back from receiving payment for your services so that you can grow a successful business as a professional animal communicator with a queue of clients
  • Build a foundation plan for starting your business so that you have a clear vision for achieving a specific outcome goal
  • Create effective messaging so that you only attract the dream clients you want to work with

About Joanne

The founder of Animal Communication Insights, Joanne is dedicated to guiding and supporting each and every pet parent and animal communicator who wants to connect with their purpose for giving pets and animals a Voice.

Joanne created her animal communication business in 2015 knowing the importance of shifting perspectives to facilitate a transformation for people to address their problems, be it a disharmony with their pet or struggles with their animal communication business.

Joanne is a pet parent to her three dogs and one cat and believes that the success of her business can be defined by living a lifestyle she and her dogs and cat thrive in!

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