Do you crave a deeper connection with your pet?

Curious about what your pet would say if they could talk? 

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Do you wake up wondering what on earth is going on with your pet?

Perhaps you have a specific problem with your pet or maybe you just have a deep desire to know that they are truly happy. 

Pet communication opens up a world of possibility. It allows you to go further than taking care of your pet's physical wellbeing. You can expand your relationship to a point where you feel certain of their emotional needs.

“I’ve now got to a point where I believe that they can tell me and I get it. It doesn't matter what anyone says. I know what my horses want because they communicate directly to me.”

- [A Thomson]

Pet communication isn’t just for ‘the gifted’

You can learn how to communicate with your pet by learning how to speak the language of animals.

Many people think that pet communication is something that only ‘special people’ or the gifted can enjoy. But the truth is, with the right mindset and support, it’s a magical experience that anybody can access. 

The teaching elements in this fascinating course will take you through the foundations of communicating with your pets. It will require you to be open to your experiences and trust in yourself so you can unlock….

  • the natural abilities within you to communicate with your beloved cats and dogs 

  • the confidence to banish the guesswork of trying to interpret what they are saying to you

  • the self-assurance to stop asking everybody else what’s wrong and master the art of communication with your pet. They will tell you directly what they feel and what’s going on

  • the open mindedness to explore any type of conversation with your pets, so you can find the topics which inspire them to communicate with you

  • the magic of easy everyday conversations with your cats and dogs as your confidence increases

Many of the people I’ve worked with have found that once they learned how to speak their pet’s language, they notice a dramatic improvement in their pet’s behaviour and emotional state.

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You’ve already got an incredible connection, but what if your lines of communication were opened?


Establish a connection with your own pets so that real conversations can happen daily

Uncover strategies for boosting your connection so you can easily communicate with one another, wherever you are

Recognise the signs when your pets are not wishing to engage at that moment, so you don’t lose hope with futile communication efforts


Learn how your pets communicate so you can experience how they think and feel while recognising their preferred communication style

Explore ways of creating the ultimate setting for your pets to feel relaxed enough to allow conversations to flow easily

Discover how to communicate together, without words, allowing you to break through the ‘language barriers’ and hear the truth of their message for you

Immediate Lifetime Access



Experiment with the spectrum of topics you raise, so you recognise your pets communications and find subjects they want to discuss with you

Resolve behavioural challenges by knowing how to approach the conversation so you receive clear communications that help restore harmony

Reveal how to converse on care plan arrangements so when it comes to making health decisions for your pets, they appreciate the vital role you play in advocating for them


Overcome breakdown in communications so the loving connection between you both is always present

Gain confidence in the answers you receive from your pets so you can trust you're not making it up and enjoy daily conversations free from doubt

Enjoy delving into what they are thinking and feeling so that you truly can see life from their perspective

Immediate Lifetime Access


I completely understand that you may be feeling a little unsure about exploring something so extraordinary. Maybe you are worried about what others may think? Perhaps you have your own doubts about whether you possess the special gift that grants you access to this mesmerising world of communication.

But you’re here because you’re curious. You read this far because there’s something about the idea of being able to intuitively converse with your beloved companion that you don’t want to ignore. 

What’s the worst that could happen if you try it?

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. 

- Maya Angelou

BONUS #1: “Imagination Activation” Workbook

Fun and simple exercises for you to activate your imagination so that you can easily access your intuitive senses which allows for a flow when communicating with your pets animals 

BONUS #2: Visualisation Bundle to turbocharge your intuitive senses

Powerful visualisations for you to practice in your own time so that you develop the ability to switch on and off your communication channels as and when appropriate

BONUS #3: “Joanne Yeoh’s Best Tips” Guidebook

My favourite and proven down-to-earth top tips for communicating with your pets so that you can experience success quickly and build your confidence

SUPER BONUS: Motivation and Confidence Bumper Tutorials

Kickstart your motivation and boost your confidence with these handy reminder tutorials so that you keep up the momentum and gain competency practising with your pet

Open yourself up to a world of possibility

Let your curiosity lead you to cultivate an undeniable connection

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What people are saying...

Are you already an animal communicator?

Even if you’ve successfully communicated with other people’s animals you may find communication with your own pet a struggle. This is something I hear from Animal Communicators all the time. And I can assure you, this will help you.

Communication with your own pet is DIFFERENT.

It’s an experience rich in emotion that differs from the translations with other people’s pets that you’re used to facilitating.

This course is for pet parents/ guardians/owners and animal communicators alike. If you want to develop the skills, confidence and belief systems that allow you to freely communicate with your beloved companion, this is for you.

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Joanne. 

I’m the author of Conversations with Companions, a wonderful collection of stories sharing the experiences of 12 intriguing and inspiring animal communicators. 

I support both pet parents and animal communicators in harnessing the power of animal communication to nurture and grow connections founded on mutual understanding. 

Through sharing my experience as an animal communicator, I help people cultivate and nurture connections so incredible relationships can flourish. 

My expertise is in bringing pet parents and their pets together to a place of understanding by communicating with both parties (interspecies communication). Both beings in a relationship have a desire to feel understood and to express themselves. I translate for the pet as well as the human, supporting both parties to explore positive ways to progress towards a resolution.

My services are available as a guest speaker, teacher, mentor and communicator.

Pet Communication Quickstart Course

Your questions answered

❓How much time should I set aside for practice?

This course is self-paced so you choose when to practice. The course is designed to allow you to practice even when you're going through a busy period of your life.

❓Can I join this course if I don’t have a pet right now?

You can work with a cat or dog of a family member or friend with whom you share a close relationship with so long as you have permission from the pet’s parent.

❓What support will I get?

There is access to a private Facebook group for continued help.  If you don't have a Facebook account, there is the option to share comments in the curriculum of the course where questions will be answered by myself or a team member.


❓Who is this course suitable for?

For all pet parents who want to learn to communicate with their cats and dogs. Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience in animal communication, this course will focus on you working with your own pets.


❓How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course as well as content shared in the private Facebook group as long as there is not a break in your group membership.

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